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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Zeotech sells natural and chemically modified zeolites to treat specific environmental challenges in waste water streams, solid wasets and gas streams.
Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ filtration media removes suspended solids down to 3-5 micron size and can take ammonium and heavy metal ions out of water streams. Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ are used in a variety of water filtration applications from turbidity reduction in municiple drinking water to suspended solids reduction in municiple waste water to removal of solids and contaminants in industial waste water. Pressure drop, depth of bed filtration and contaminant holding capacity are superior to sand and most other types of media. In most applications Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ can be regenerated by simple backwash or with saline regeneration.
“Turbidex™” and "Turbidex HP™" are trademarks of Hydro Source LLC.
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ZEOLOC® SM is an organo-zeolite granular filtration media used to remove trace organic contaminants such as BETX, TCE and other dissolved, toxic, organic compounds from water streams.
Example: A Fortune 500 company's chemical plant treats effluent process water through Turbidex ™ filtration media to remove TSS and then through a bed of ZEOLOC® SM to remove trace amounts of dissolved solvents prior to discharge to a municipal treatment system. Every month or two when the ZEOLOC® SM becomes saturated with organic solvents, the product is taken out an disposed of at a common landfill since it passes EPA's TCLP test.
ZEOLOC® is a powder product used for encapsulation of hazardous and toxic sold wastes. It can reduce costs of treatment and disposal of heavy metal waste, toxic sludge and paint residue by allowing waste to pass TCLP and be disposed in a common landfill rather than in a costly, hazardous disposal site.
Example: A lead battery manufacturer was hauling lead slag and old battery casings to a hazardous waste dump because they contaminated over 1,000 ppm Pb and significant amounts of Cadmium. After encapsulation treatment with ZEOLOC® and Portland cement, the waste passed TCLP and was classified as "non-hazardous". It was permitted to be buried on the manufacturer's plant site saving about $700,000 per year.
Zeoloc® 10 is an organo-zeolite powder for encapsulation of oily sludge and organic wastes.. Ther special formula with high-surface area and oleophilic sorption characteristics is used similarly to regular Zeoloc® as described above, but Zeoloc® 10 can absorb and encapsulate oily sludge and organic wastes.
Example: A large, international oil company used Zeoloc® 10 to mix with cutting-oil and formation-oil contaminated drill-cuttings in jungle locations to avoid hydrocarbon contamination into local soil and streams. The encapsulation worked so well that the company used the stabilized product to build location roads, again without any leaching of hydrocarbons into the environment.
  • Oily Sludge
  • Tank Bottoms
  • Organic Contaminated Soils
  • Toxic Oxyanions of Chrome, Arsenic, and Selenium
  • Non-Volatile and Semi-Volitile Organic Compounds
  • Heavy-Metal Contaminated Soil
  • Smelter Slag - Mine Tailings and Waste
  • Battery Casings and Waste
  • Metal Contaminated Blast Sand
  • Metal Catalyst Contaminated Sludge
ZEOLOC® KM is an air filtration medium consisting of high-surface area, modified aluminosilicate granules and potassium permanganate. This unique product is protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,278,112, licensed to Zeotech Corporation. The purple granulaes are used in air dryers, scrubber tanks, compressor intakes, exhaust systems, computer rooms and general HVAC applications. ZEOLOC® KM removes hydrogen sulfide, ethylene, mercaptans, various aldehydes, alcohols and many other noxious gases. It is also used as a color indicator in carbon sortion beds to determine when carbon is present.
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity for Heavy Metals
  • Microporous Media with a Large Surface Area
  • Stable over a Wide Range of pH and Temperature
  • Natural Pozzolan